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Apply for a free diagnosis of your Smart Factory level

Miracom provides accurate and proven diagnostic services based on the experiences of constructing Smart Factories for over 20 years.
Convenient web-based online diagnostic services and on-site visits by experts are available.

Implement Intelligent Enterprise with integrated management and production information

In the fourth industrial age where data utilization is directly linked to the competitiveness of the enterprise, all information of management, production, and services must be integrated and connected.
Build advanced management system with Miracom.

  1. Smart Factory

    Smart Factory

    Enhances manufacturing competitiveness through ICT-based intelligent production system.

  2. Equipment / Logistics Automation

    Equipment / Logistics Automation

    Converts to a flexible production system by improving simple repetitive tasks and production efficiencies.

  • ITO Service

    ITO Service

    Experience IT services tailored to your business needs.

  • ERP Service

    ERP Service

    Be equipped with advanced management processes and systems.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Cloud Infrastructure

    Reduces your investments and operational costs with the introduction of optimized infrastructure.

For the food and beverage industry, fascinate your customers by adapting Smart Factory

By applying the accumulated know-how of Miracom and the latest ICT technology, we are able to accurately diagnose the customer levels, establish a master plan, construct a smart factory, and provide stable operation services.


Nexplant MESplus, New advance production management system for digital innovation

With more than 300 factory-proven Nexplant MESplus solutions, we can smartly manage your plants.


Contact a Miracom specialist

If you leave an inquiry with us, we will swiftly answer back in detail.

Contact us
Contact us